I put together some mockups for a friend's new mobile application designed to help people
track and achieve their goals. I also helped redesign the logo.

I created a sample campaign for UofM Alumni Association. The idea was to take iconic images to remind alums of their time at UofM.
Then further cement that feeling with the phrase "You belong."

My friends Amy and Bryan were getting married and I offered my services.
They wanted to give away drinking glasses to everyone that attended the wedding to commemorate the event.
These are a couple of mockups I presented to them.

This is the program designed for the wedding. They attached tongue depressors to make them double as fans.

Decided to make a Michigan breweries checklist poster. I never realized how many breweries there are in Michigan until I started adding them all.

I created a font based on the steps from the tango. I decided to do this because I admire the skill, grace, and passion of the dance.

Download the Tango font free

(only available in all caps)


I created this at the Hamilton Woodtype Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. While I was the president of the AIGA, EMU charter, I organized a trip to the museum.


New York Loves Me, San Francisco Loves Me, Ypsi Loves Me the most.

Screenprint on capgun caps

I made this as an homage to the hiphop artist Immortal Technique. I find his politically themed lyrics to be very poignant. This particular song Land of the Gun is about the illegal trafficking of guns and the influence gun manufacturers have on our policy makers.