Julian Weisensel






These projects were created while working at Eastern Michigan University's Campus Life. I was a member of the marketing and design team. We rarely collaborated on single piece projects, but rather bounced ideas off each other and shared newly learned techniques. The projects tended to be fast paced and the Arts and Entertainment Coordinator, Gregg Costanzo, encouraged us to explore design and push our abilities. I grew a lot as a designer while with Campus Life and consider it a pivotal point in my career.

Excursion Poster "Pistons Game"

Excursion Poster "Day at the Museums"

Excursion Poster "Dan Savage: Savage Love Live"

EMU Campus Life Echo Ads

EMU 2012 MLK Celebration Brochure

EMU Campus Life New Student Giveaway Tee

EMU Campus Life New Student Giveaway Bag

Poster for guest Magician